2 comments on “The Trope of Alien Invasion

  1. I was discussing this with someone at work today. He is worried that aliens are going to invade next year- something to do with Mayan calendar and probably too much weed. I asked with pretty much all the universe being made from the same stuff what was it that our planet had that would make it worth invading. The answer? They are coming for our plants! Get them nukes ready boyo!

    • Love it Bunny. Harry Turtledove thought it would be Ginger that addicted his aliens, while John Ringo thought they would want our maple syrup. I think we could afford to sell them some of our plants for a couple of hyperdrives. And the thing about the Mayan calendar is hilarious. My Kitten Calendar ends tonight, so I guess that’s it for my kitty cats.

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