4 comments on “Getting the Science Right.

  1. In our family we have a phrase, which comes from Monty Python (possibly the Life of Brian). When it gets a bit to unbelievable and all sensible physics has broken down we say, “You are just making it up as you go along.”
    You have hit the nail on the head though. Forget realism of physics – ‘It looks awesome’.

    • The funny thing is you can still get the physics close to being correct and still be awsome. Look as most of the stuff Larry Niven and Poul Anderson wrote. A trillion tons of asteroid striking a planet at twenty percent light speed would be pretty damned awsome. As would a space ship trying to slow down before hitting some big damned object, and not quite making it. Love the reference to The Life of Brian. Loved that movie, and just about anything the Pythons do.

      • I did a degree in electronic music. During which time I created a few film scores and sound effects. Overcoming that sounds in space (or lack of them) thing is a real problem.

  2. Oh, I found this gem. I totally agree. Or as James Cameron says: you have to root your fiction in reality as much as possible, then the viewer would find it easier to accept the fictional parts of your story.
    I often read the following line in space operas: The ship came to a stop…
    This is usually the point when my reading of the book comes to a complete stop. Everything is moving in the universe, even assuming a geostationary orbit, doesn’t bring the ship to a stop. Hell, the sun is moving around the center of our galaxy, there was an interesting thought from Neil DeGrasse Tyson I believe: The Pyramids where build not only 4 thousand years ago, but also 3.5 light years away 🙂

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