3 comments on “Exodus, the Science Fiction Journey.

  1. While i like that you focus on the science i would love it if you would equally focus on the empires. For example: star maps of the galaxy/universe with the different empires territory and maybe maps before and after the empires where integrated or split off. Also little things like HIMS, i can’t find a true definition in x ray or on your website. I like how you went through the timeline at the beginning for different events but i think it should be at the back instead. I think your books are good but have the potential to be great if you combine your detail of science with greater detail in character and background developments. Really anticipating future releases.

    • Thanks you. I have some rough maps and may play with some star charting programs I have, but right now, while working on book three, I don’t have the time. HIMS stands for His (or Her) Imperial Majesty’s Ship. Sorry, I thought I had put that in the book at some point. For New Moscow HICS is His Imperial Czar’s Ship, while for The New Terran Republic the designation would be PWS (The People’s Warship). The territory of the Empire covers about forty eight billion cubic light years and contains about seven hundred and fifty million stars, of which about twenty thousand either have inhabitable planets or are of interest in some other manner. I wanted to convey the fact that even in a Galaxy with millions of inhabitable planets there would still a lot of stars and stars systems that are essentially wasted as far as sentients go. The Ca’cadasan Empire is about twenty-five times larger than the New Terran Empire. The website will receive a lot more work when I leave my daytime job at the end of April (I am waiting that long so I can make sure my health needs and taxes are all taken care of). I had planned to do some work on the Exodus section, which is really sparse right now, but I have received so many calls for the next book that I am concentrating almost totally on it right now. It will be about 180,000 words, also by request. I will have to put it away for about a month to gain some perspective for the rewrites, and will be working on book three of my fantasy series Refuge during that time. Kind of painted myself in a corner with my success, and have too many things going on at once. I am trying to develop this thing as detailed and as fast as possible, based on the hundreds of pages of maps, drawing and descriptions I already have. But detail and speed are mutually exclusive.

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