3 comments on “Why Iron Man is the greatest Marvel Superhero.

  1. Actually, he originally developed his armor to stay alive. He was a POW, with shrapnel embedded in his heart. The original breastplate was the only only thing keeping him alive (and remained so for many years). The rest of the first suit was designed to help him escape from his captors, which gave him his first taste of fighting oppressors. This led to him changing his life from that of a billionaire weapons developer to a hero.

    • Actually I agree with the part about making the first suit to keep himself alive and get out of his captivity. The point is, he didn’t have to develop the second suit and become a hero, but he did anyway. Don’t remember what the origin story was in the 1960s comic. Can’t remember that far back.

  2. whatever you say but iron man is the best because he has a coolness in him which makes him different from everyone else……….IRON MAN ROCKS

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