2 comments on “Vampires Should Be Evil

  1. I think you completely overlook the main point about vampires – I’m not surprised because most writers do in my humble opinion.
    Vampires ate not beasts. They are not like werewolfs and gargoils. They are seducers. A vampire cannot even enter your house without an invite. Not very terrifying – until you realize that you are now fighting your own inner demons. Your lust.
    Because of this – among other things – to me female vampires are much more interesting than male vampires – they are also less misunderstood. I find it a sad waste of a perfect monster when vampires are portrayed as beasts that hunt down they prey. Vampires don’t run. They don’t have to – because when you have met one the hunger for her will grow within you until you cannot stand it any longer.

    • I really don’t think I’ve overlooked the main point about Vampires, but you made an interesting point. I used vampires like Stoker, and yes, they have to be invited into homes, which they can do by playing the part of a hooker or other seducer, and once in do whatever they please. And even in the vampire literature not all who meet one are seduced.

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