4 comments on “It’s all in the Title, or is it?

  1. It’s true, a lot of books have the same title. Also true that there’s no law against it; titles aren’t copyrighted. Interesting point about actors having to have separate and distinct names but the same doesn’t hold true for movie titles. I guess it’s a different organization that governs these things.

    When I released Words in the Wind, I found four others with the same title — and there might be more. I just stopped looking after that. My goal is to make mine the one people know and remember!

  2. Sounds like your commenter has way too much time on his hands. I avoid one-word titles at all costs, because I don’t want my books to be mistaken for anyone else’s. Turns out that creating completely original and memorable titles can be the hardest part of the writing job. But I enjoy the challenge, and I think it’s worth it.

    • I actually like one word titles, much more than short three to five word ones. And some titles just fit. Daemon was about a creature of nature ( a Daemon) and the name of the antagonist was Daemon, as was his corporation, so the word just resonated through the book, and the one word title was perfect. So in finding several other books with the same title, some of which had nothing to do with Daemons, I decided to stick with the name. When I put out Soulless next year I may try to come up with a different name, but as the book is about a man who loses his soul and conscience through a teleportation like process that disassembles his body in one place and reassembles it in another through nanotech. Something is missing, something unmeasurable, and he become a complete psychopath. I guess I could call it The Man With No Conscience or Psychopath, but those don’t fit nearly as well.

      • 🙂 I like meaningful titles, but they can really get out of hand if you’re not careful. Yeah, The Man with . . . would be a mouthful, wouldn’t it?

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