3 comments on “The First Year As A Self Published Author

  1. Doug, just finished both empire books in 2.5 days…wanted to post a review on Amazon but read them on my wife’s Kindle, not my nook and she’s asleep so I cannot get her info. Anyhow I really have enjoyed them. Though like one of your posters said you used the first book to set up personae …but that was fine by me. I like “character” in my characters. Anyhow, consider me a fan…when is book 3 coming out? Started with military sci fi back with Pournelle’s Falkenberg stuff…while in the Army 40 years ago and read everything I can get my hand on now. I plan on reading your other books now too….thanks

    • Thanks Terry. Exodus kind of caught me by surprise, I really didn’t expect it to take off so fast. I had planned to push Shadows of the Multiverse (which did have a promotion, but didn’t do near as well as I thought). Then Exodus 1 and 2, followed by two more books this year in the Fall. I also have a military fantasy series out (Refuge). But the fans have spoken and I am working on plotting the next two books of Exodus, then I will follow with the next two of Refuge. Also coming out with the second book of The Deep Dark Well Trilogy (which had never been planned as a trilogy) and the third book sometime next year. You might enjoy The Deep Dark Well, and the second book, To Well and Back, is even more of a military scifi novel. Success in writing is a new thing to me and I am still learning, but will do my best to keep everyone happy. Thanks again.

      • ooohrah Doug…good stuff….Army Aviation 69 Nam….cannot wait for the next installment in empire…in the mean time will get busy with your other books…though I prefer hard sci fi to fantasy…I appreciate your response too…says a lot about you!

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