2 comments on “Celebrating Authors.

  1. I too read the Exodus books over the last two days (if you’re a fast writer, I’m a fast reader). I thought I’d offer a quick word of encouragement, I really enjoyed the series. I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment, I’ll be sure to buy it as well. 🙂

    The Kindle has really been a revolution for my book habits, I find myself buying quite a bit from self published authors. There’s some marks that differ them from traditionally published works, the cover design often looks like something I would have made and there’s the odd typo or weirdly structured sentence here and there. But I find that I don’t really care about those details, the ability to deliver a gripping story has very little to do with cover design.

    Congratulations on getting some traction as an independent author!

    Greetings from Sweden,

    • Thank you, Henrik. I always love hearing from fans, and especially from those overseas. I know there is no Amazon Sweden site yet, so the only way I know I’m selling in your country is if I receive reviews or replies from people like you. I will try to keep the series satisfying, and thanks again.

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