2 comments on “Ask me for anything but time.

  1. Hi Doug,

    My name is Gary Nelson. I’m an avid science fiction and fantasy reader. I’m also a full-time deputy prosecuting attorney and husband, so I understand completely the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

    That being said, I read both exodus books in two days, finishing each around midnight before going to bed. I made a comment somewhere suggesting to make the books longer and you replied.

    I did notice throughout my reading that your novel suffered from a lack of a dedicated editor. There were typo’s that don’t get caught by spellcheck, such as “through” when you meant to say “though.” I write too, but I write to a judge and a court, and my writings must be perfect.

    You really need another set of eyes, someone that will read it for you and underline spelling and grammer errors.

    That being said, it was done well enough so that it did not detract much from the experience. If you want that crisp, polished finished product that really will put you over the top, you need someone to read these books for you before you publish.

    I’d do it for you just for the chance to read the book, but I fully understand the risk you’d take giving over a non-published work to someone you don’t know. My suggestion is to find someone you trust that’ll do it for you. In law school I let my wife read my briefs for me and it probably made the difference of a letter grade for me. I hope this is helpful,


    • Thanks Gary. And I agree. I need another pair of eyes, because mine are not what they used to be. I’ve always had a talent in finding things I was looking for with a scan, like someone’s car keys in a field with a dozen people looking, I would see them immediately when walking into the field. Or data sets in graduate school. But yeah, I do seem to have problems picking up every mistake in my own work. The problem was money basically, I was barely making it and was putting these books out on a prayer. It was not worth it to pay someone hundreds of dollars to proof something that might make ten dollars a month. With Exodus that is no longer a problem, and I will be looking for a proofer when I finish book three (well actually before that). I live in a town with two Universities and a large Community College, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone at a reasonable price. Thanks for the interest in my work. Doug.

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