14 comments on “Exodus, Refuge and little bit extra.

    • Hopefull by the middle of May. Still need to do rewrites and then send to the proofer. Sorry, but that’s the best I can do, but I will promise another book in the Fall that is kind of a subplot book about the murders of Parliament Members in the capital.

      • Oh, that is a little bit later than I have expected – now I have not enough to read in April and too much in Mai. Ahh the perils of commuting everyday by train…

  1. Loved refuge. Finished both books in a day. The whole idea behind it was brilliant. I actually really liked the combination of both fantasy and military fiction. I can’t wait to see where you continue to take the series. I haven’t read doppelgänger yet. I’m sure it will be just as good. I liked the concept of people trying to apply the scientific method to magic.

    • Thank You. The technology part will fade as emphasized in the first two novels, but new tech will appear as twenty-first century humans realize the improvements they can make to the way people do things in this world, tech that would see old on Earth, but will be centuries to millenia ahead of anything the natives have. Doppelganger was actually written as a stand alone novel when I was still trying to attract a publisher, but I did some changes to it so it would fit in more with the first two books.

  2. finnished Exodus 3, lots of typo’s you need to get another proof reader 😛 loving the series, the only bad thing is now I’m waiting for 4! keep up the good work

    • Thank you. The fan who proofread the novel did it for free, and I can’t fault him for finding a lot of mistakes. If you found more, could you tell me what they were. Looking at a new cover for one of my other books which is going to set me back a bunch, and another fan suggested sketches of thye ships in the book. Beginning to understand why most authors only bring out one book a year.

    • I am wokring on Refuge 3 (I don’t really consider Doppelganger to be part of the numbered sequence) right now, and hope to have the first draft finished by this Sunday. From there is it rewrites, additions, and letting my beta reader look it over. Hopefully out by the beginning of August, with book 4 coming the beginning of next year.

  3. Just bought and finished reading all three Exodus books here in the UK over the course of a long bank holiday weekend accompanied by a couple of bottles of wine.
    Enjoyble read and an Interesting concept with several possibles in terms of plot development when’s number four going to be released.

    • Thank you. I really get a thrill out of selling books in the UK. I am working on number four right now, and hope to be at the 100K word mark by this weekend, when I am going to the DragonCon convention in Atlanta. I am hoping to have the book out, at more or less the same length as book 3, by the end of October. I am also releasing excerpts from some short stories I am writing in the Exodus Universe on this blog, and on my website, http://dougdandridge.net . And thanks again fro being a fan of the series.

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