5 comments on “The Ten Thousand

  1. I have made a point to keep my digital book purchases to $5 or less. It has served me well. Your pricing decision will be interesting.

    • I thought that since book 3 is twice as long as books 1 & 2, that are $2.99 each, then it just made sense to sell it for twice as much. I guess the other alternative would be to split the book into two sequels and charge $2.99, though some feedback I have received has said that fewer longer books in the series would work better. I will see what happens. I have also bought books on Amazon for $2.99 that were really short, anywhere from 30K to 50K words, while everything I have put out has been at least 80K, while most have been around 95K to 115K, about the length of a commercial paperback.

  2. LOL, can’t help but agree with your review of the reviewer. Looking forward to the release of Exodus 3.

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