8 comments on “Exodus 3 will be out tomorrow.

  1. Well, about time! I am a fan and am looking forward to Exodus 3. You should raise your price. I want you to make money. The supply & demand curve will tell you to work on the Exodus series.

  2. Actually have raised the price in a way, though it is actually cheaper per word than the other two volumes. I want to make money as well, but also feel obligated to continue to contribute to the other series. Have thought today of doing some short stories set in the Exodus Universe to satisfy fans, and maybe when I get enough of them built up I can release a book of shorts, kind of like Niven’s Known Space series.

    • That would be super, a collection of short or mini stories in the Exodus universe. Since you have made such a large place it would be real easy to write stories of the things hinted about in the other books (shape changers working for alien intelligence arm), everyday life before during and after the war and the overthrow of a local or local planetary lords for being despotic. You could go so many ways with this universe that it’s amazing.

    • It would be interesting to see what the volume of sales to price sensitivity turns out to be. J. R. Rain I met once and we talked about this. He said that the best stories were 200 pages at $2.99. His experience was that if you made the book twice as long you didn’t get twice as much money. He is pretty successful.

      I personally, don’t mind paying more if I like the books. I like your work. So, to me, charge more. I did make a few criticisms in my Amazon review. However, I did like the work and I will buy the next one.

      • Not sure of the page count, Amazon is not showing it yet, but the book is 210K words before adding all the other things like Books By. Right now it’s listed as number 5 on all books and kindle for Space Opera, so seems to be doing very well so far. If sales drop in a couple of months I may reduce it to $4.99, but for now I will just wait and see. Thanks for the review, they are always appreciated, unless they are one of the one star variety that makes no sense (like giving it one star because they don’t agree with the use of women in combat and such other things).

  3. Thanks for the book, I’m starting to read it right now. You never know, with a good enough following you could actually get a television series out of this. It would be great.

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