3 comments on “Another Journey Through Space and Time, Sort Of.

  1. Grew up, or at least lived at the corner of School Street and Pineland back from 1958-63, when Pineland was the last street south in the Edgewood Section…Cousin Gary lived on Myrtle and best friend Mike Graff on Groveland, Barry Young also lived in the Edgewood Section and I delevered papers from Sarastoa to the entire neighborhood for seveal years.

  2. I agree about the value of writing personal history. I started a memoir about a month ago based on my journals. Fun family legacy for my four grown kids and seven grandchildren.

  3. I think I will stay in Venice. It still has a real nice feel to it & I like all the festivals, car shows, etc. that are always going on. Sarasota has just gotten too big.

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