4 comments on “What’s Eating You? an Exodus Serial Short, Part 3

  1. Ok, I’ve read every one of your blog posts from the beginning of 2011. As an aspiring writer, your story is inspirational. Thank you so much for providing all this to the public. Many of your posts were awesome reads, and the story segments were also awesome!

    • Thanks so much. I really love being a full time writer, and it was a long journey. I am really happy that my story provides inspiration to others that if they work hard they can do it.

  2. Hi Doug, I’m getting ready to read your Exodus series and came along your short story of “What’s Eating You.” Where would that go in the series? I’m kind of anal about reading and like to have the books in their correct reading order.
    Appreciate the help and look forward to hearing from you.

    Diane Frausto

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