2 comments on “Writing Space Warfare: Part 1: The Basics.

  1. Interesting comments. It always surprises me that science fiction writers insist on duplicating wet-navy structures so precisely. Why would a space force have bosuns and chief petty officers and so on? When the first tank forces were set up, they were patterned on cavalry structures, but there is very little of that left now.

  2. As a career submariner and life long scifi reader, I’ve come to really like the stealth model. Anything that can be targeted can be killed, so don’t get targeted…

    I think my favorite versions of this are Glen Cook’s Passage at Arms and Dave Gerrold’s Voyage of the Star Wolf…

    I rally liked the rail gun space combat in the Helfort Saga: using several volleys timed to arrive in the same space at the same time, leaving the target nowhere to dodge…

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