18 comments on “Exodus Five is Alive and Well.

  1. I really enjoyed the fifth book, enough that it was done in 2 days after downloading to my Kindle. Look forward to more books in either series – Empires at War or Tales. When I finish the new book from Ryk Brown I will investigate other books that you have written as Ienjoy your writing style and story lines without having a 10 page preface of characters.

    Regards Bob Malott

  2. Just finished exodus 5 yesterday and the book itself was great! Until i remembered what series it was in. I kept wanting the next chapter to switch to gorbachev, sean, alexanderopolis, von rittersdorf, and many more. I think making them side stories is a great idea for expanding on characters and different theaters in the war. I’ll still read them as soon as i find out they’re avaliable, but it’ll be nice to know there was or still is a main course(so to speak) coming soon after. just under a sub title and shorter in length I’m guessing? Again still really enjoyed the book. Keep writin and I’ll keep buyin!

  3. I’m really enjoying the series and personally I really like the books that go outside of the main story and pick up on individuals, whether as a further enhancement of that character or as a retelling of a particular event in the main story but from the characters point of view.
    I have read a few books where this has been the case and it can give a clearer view of the event thus immersing you deeper into the story.

    Like other reviewers I can only say keep the books coming as I still has acres of storage on the kindle for you to fill.


  4. I have just finished book five and really enjoyed it. I like the idea of expanding the premise to include other worlds, technologies, life forms and organisational structures. Sci-fi for me is all about new mind expanding ideas, which you write about so well. A rare talent much appreciated at this end. I don’t mind how you set out the plot going fwd as I intend to read them all anyway.

  5. extremely well written, Doug. You get better as you go along. While I LOVE space operas…big fleets and all that…as a former “land warrior” I really appreciated #5. Cannot wait for the next one

    • Thanks so much, Terry. I was Infantry myself back in the late 70s and early 80s, and really relate more to the Army than the Navy. Doesn’t mean I don’t love the fleet actions, and the next book will be full of them.

  6. Great book! Great series! Can’t wait for 6 to come out. I’m dying to know what happened to PO Gorbachev and if the Grand Admiral is, or rather when, going to throw everything at the donut. At this point I’ll read everything you write, just hoping you take a trip back to the main storyline first.

    Also former infantryman and I love how you tell the military story in a plausible and believable way. It may be 2000 years into the future but soldiers still act like soldiers and the military still has its command structures and traditions.

  7. Doug,

    I wish you continued success. Your series of novels are my most anticipated books. I check fairly regularly for when the next is coming. I greatly enjoyed the 5th book despite it being only a “side story.” I will always wish for more main storyline books. However, if you continue to write such fascinating side stories developing and deepening characters introduced in the main stories, I will gladly pick them up as well.

    Don’t lose your passion for this series.

  8. I have enjoyed each book of the series. So easy to feel like I am there when you describe the feelings and the action… happy to be Human! Started searching for The Stand #6 as soon as I saw the name. Guess we will all hold our breath until you finish it. Thank you for a great voyage!

  9. Sir, just wanted to say I love your books. I found the series just after book 4 was published. I have read all 5, avg a day a piece. I am a fast reader, and am constantly looking for new books. I am constantly on the lookout for your Exodus books and any new Honorverse books. Honorverse is the series that got me into scifi, and your books are on par with Mr. David Weber’s books. I can’t wait until your next Exodus book comes out.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I love Weber, Ringo, Michael Z, Hemry and Taylor Anderson among others, as well as a great number of the older masters. I really can’t judge myself against them. To my mind, I am just not there yet, but some of my fans disagree. I know I don’t have their popularity, but I do have a growing number of loyal fans who like my work, and what else can a writer ask for. I will strive to keep putting out books that those fans, such as yourself, will like.

      • Doug, I too rate you up there with Weber, Ringo and Taylor Anderson. I rate YOU, Taylor Anderson and Chris Nuttall as the best new Sci Fi writers on the planet….glad you got past your writer’s cramp…one of these days I will get an autograph….I do go to Florida annually… 🙂


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