10 comments on “The End of Civilized Civilization

  1. The REH quote hit the nail on the head. People have become extremely nasty thanks to the “freedom” from consequences that the anonymity of the Internet provides them. And if not the anonymity then the distances protect them.

  2. Right on the button…people don’t try to win arguments with logic anymore…it’s all about name calling esp since they are now anonymous!!

  3. Sir: I have just finished reading you Book, Ranger. It was quite a good read. You thoughts on ground combat as individual Rangers is pretty good!! I hope to see you write some Ground combat with Main Battle Tanks in it.
    Though there is one thing that I would have liked to see in the book, at the end when The family adops Rebecka you did not allow for her to have a Bat Mitzva as you said she was 13 years of age. That is the age that most Jews go through that age event.

    • Thank you. Hadn’t really thought of the Bat Mitzva, though I could say that she really lost most of her religious beliefs during the story. When I bring her back in future books I will have to revisit her religion and see where she is then. Tank battles? Tonight I was writing a scene from book six which had heavy infantry in the attack with supporting main battle tanks. Only a little bit on the tanks though. Maybe more in a latter scene.

      • When you do start to think about the Ground fighting with Main Battle Tanks, Think about Hammers Slammers By David Drake or even better would be to use a type of BOLO like Keith Laumer?

  4. I find that anonymity or not, people are just less civilized these days. Everyone is in such a hurry that they have to get past you in line, on the road, in school,in business or wherever. The need for instant gratification has multiplied a thousand fold since the internet became mainstream. If there is no need to for information, why wait for anything?

  5. Well, all of this is fun, but when is Volume 6 coming out?

    By the way, I think surface tanks would have a very big advantage over spacecraft. I think the biggest problem for a spacecraft would be finding a heat sink for the heat generated by its power plant. Space is close to a vacuum. So, getting rid of heat would be an issue. A tank could just wade into a shallow lake and have all the heat sink he needed. Of course, the tank would have to disguise itself. But, you could do this with visual plates, radar absorbers, or just going into a lake so only the weapons would show. Also, a tank could generate chemical laden fog to block radar. With abig energy weapon, a tank could take out spaceships as they orbit.

    • Hopefully 6 will be out by the middle or end of April. Poul Anderson, one of my favorites, wrote about the advantages of planet based weaponry versus spaceships, with the planetary weapons having the clear advantage. Unfortunately, planetary weapons, whether fixed or mbile, can’t patrol the space lanes. I know I ignore the problem of heat, with only a little mention, assuming that somehow that problem will be solved. How? If I knew that I could retire tomorrow.

      • I think the wormhole heat sinks are a great solution to the problem of heat dissipation. They are pretty self-explanatory and they make sense.

  6. Doug, You just need a bigger gun with orbital characteristics. The implied threat is always the best threat. Until you run into people with no imaginations, at which point you get to pull the trigger!

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