4 comments on “The Politics of Science Fiction

  1. I agree at least in part. Just because Graham Greene was a Catholic doesn’t mean that his novels don’t appeal to people of other faiths–or no faiths. Robert Heinlein was known to be very conservative, yet most of his greatest novels are not noticeably political. And on and on. Yet most good literature has an agenda, however subtle, and the best literature is not just a good story, it is a good story with well-presented ideas and an underlying moral system. I do not participate in many marches, yet I think that my ideas and beliefs are very important. They come out in my stories and poems and novels, maybe not so much in what I say but in what I don’t say. Your pro-military stance comes out loud and clear in your stories simply because that’s what you write about. You have a wide readership among those who agree; those who don’t will probably–with respect–stay away. In fact, in this day and age of almost complete thesis-antithesis politics, it is not surprising that there is a war or words in SF. What is more surprising is that it does not seem to be true in other genres.

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