4 comments on “The Deep Dark Well 3 is Out, Exodus 7 On The Way.

  1. You should shop the Movie / TV rights to Refuge it would make a great TV series. Beat the hell out of any of the fantasy stuff on the air now. Great to hear Exodus 7 is on the way. Keep up hope for Refuge I think it has a future. Thanks and keep it up , you get better with every book. Pete. 👽👍👍

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    • Man, if only you knew how much background I have for Refuge. More than three times as much as for Exodus. I still have plans for lots of books, but right now they just don’t pay the bills. I may keep putting out one a year just for fun, always hoping that they catch on. And thanks for the compliment. I keep trying to improve.

  2. I only read the first refuge, and thought it was good, until you said our tech was becoming useless. It had good aspects like the immortals and the different races and lifespans but I’m sci-fi at heart and without the tech i lost interest. Can’t wait for exodus!!!!

  3. Fantastic news. New Exodus, can’t wait. Doug you are my last hope when it comes to great and fast doses of great military sci-fi. Most of the other authors in the genre publish books far slower and it takes years… Keep it up. Thank you very much for the effort.

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