15 comments on “Exodus: Empires at War: Book 8: Soldiers is Coming Part 2

  1. Hello, greetings from a reader on the other side of the ocean. Have to second kanama1, was just running out of books to read and pondering what to read next. Empires at War never let me down and was often awesome to boot. P.S. I absolutely love cats, too.

  2. Hello, can you tell me when Empires at War: book 8 will be published on Amazon UK? I am literally climbing the walls with antipcipation.

    • It should have been up already. I checked all the Amazon sights and it is only out on Amazon.US. Never had this problem in the past. Sent a message to Amazon asking them what the deal is.

  3. Just started reading Book 8 – love this series. Biggest problem for me so far is no Kindle table of contents since I like to use time left in chapter to manage reading sessions.
    Also, would be nice if things got started quicker without the ever increasing front matter rehashing what I already know about the series – how about sticking that in the back since i suspect most of us aren’t starting at the end of the series.

  4. i do skip the part rehashing the past, but i reread the previous book each time a new one comme out …

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