6 comments on “Exodus Nine Is On The Way.

  1. Great news. I have been searching for anything approaching the Exodus universe and have had no luck finding it. Some come close, but none match you for consistency in the science and the well plotted military action. No rabbits pop out of hats to save the day and that lends a sense of suspense to the story. Your books read like you lived the action and you are writing your memoirs.
    Thank You for the most engaging series of books I have read since Asimov’s Robot and Foundation stories.

  2. Thank goodness for you Doug, your books are simply fantastic!!! This excerpt was a great tease for your upcoming release. Almost felt a little sorry for the caca’s. As always, I will wait patiently for your new release.

    Your loyal reader.

  3. I enjoy the series vey much but one complaint I do have is that the books are not available on iBooks which is my preferred iOS any plans on selling them in iBooks store?

    • If I get enough people asking for them, maybe. I have a lot of borrows on books 1-6 thought Kindle Unlimited and KOLL, which not only brings in income, but new readers. I would have to give that up to put them on any other platforms. That still might be a possibility.

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