20 comments on “Exodus: Empires at War: Book 9: Second Front, Has Arrived.

  1. Already half way through !! Great read as always. Saw the Other exodus ship from the first Time the second front was mentioned glad I was right. Anything new on the Refugee series on the horizon ? Thanks. Cheers.

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    • I think I screwed the pooch on Refuge by taking away the tech from the Earthers too quickly, as that was an aspect a lot of people liked. I will do another book around Christmas, just to finish off the current story line. I would like to write more, in fact, I could write thirty books in that series, but not if they all sell as poorly as book 4. And thanks for the comments about Exodus. That is my bread and butter at this point.

      • Looking forward to Refuge. I think the main reason behind Exodus’s success vs Refuge is some of the writing in Refuge is from a younger you – just practice and craft. The later works are cool. Also there is a maturity in the response by characters in Exodus that is adult and not seen in a lot of other works by authors at the moment. Characters make hard and often ambivalent decisions, like say Churchill and Coventry. That adds depth that is missing in a lot of current SF. Plus a good variety of POVs and a good handle on tec and corresponding defenses. Would like to see a Gate used as a hyper barrier bomb.. link to a black hole and suddenly project a hyper boundary in the way of a fleet. Might burn out but if it lasted for an hour or two.. ewww! Hard to use and position, but a good occasional use weapon.

  2. Doug: I have noticed a steady increase in the price of your books on Amazon. Book 9 is the most expensive book I have purchased, written by anyone, in the past couple of years. If you are not receiving the bulk of the increase I will look for your books elsewhere. Amazon is bigger than Walmart and has some business practises as Neolithic as Apple. I will continue to buy your books, they take up at least a couple of pages in my list of archived titles, but being a big fan of Amazon is too much to ask. Keep up the good work, may you grow rich and prosperous but never lose the creative desire to write. Regards R J Malott

    From my iPad I think, I am never sure. Technology is for the young!


    • On what Amazon are you buying from? I have kept my books at $4.99 US for the last six books. It might be different in Canada because of the exchange rate. And then the whole European vat thing through a real monkey wrench into pricing, since every country over there has a different tax rate, and I have to try and figure out how to get a similar royalty in each market. And, of course, I get whatever the exchange rate is at the time I am paid by Amazon, two months after the end of the month they sold in. Sometimes that works to may advantage, sometimes not.

  3. A real barn burner. What a great use for obsolete hardware! They should try sending a wormhole through a wormhole in a warp bubble. Since whatever is in the bubble is hidden from real space, it might make it. Not much use for the first one but once the first is there, the rest would be a snap. How do they connect the wormholes? Are they created in dedicated pairs or, and I may have missed it somewhere, but can one end have its far end moved from one wormhole to another? Oh the questions we think of.

  4. Thank you. Actually, in one of the books I described the process of making wormholes, both ends in close proximity so they will connect. They are dedicated pairs, and both ends have to be moved to where you want them. So when they are created, both ends are linked to each other as long as they exist. I might have to think about the warp bubble idea, or possible some way to transit one in hyper.

  5. I thought that they could be moved through hyper. Didn’t the exploration ships carry wormholes to Klavarta with them? Do you mean transit a warp bubble through hyperspace?

  6. They can indeed carry them through hyper. They really wouldn’t be of much use if they couldn’t, since it would take thousands of years to move them through normal space. But they have not tried to actually ship transit from a wormhole opened in hyperspace on either end, or both ends, only from normal space to normal space. They have sent missiles through wormholes in hyper, but there is also an energy of momentum to worry about. People can only go through wormholes if they are below a certain velocity, or the wormhole can’t absorb the energy. So, if a person jumped from a ship travelling at point six light, they could come out of the stationary wormhole with, if not quite that much energy, enough to splatter on the far wall after coming out of the hole. Haven’t thought of warp bubbles through hyperspace, but that might also be something to think about.

  7. I like the current limit on wormholes moving through wormholes… and you need to limit creation as you currently do as well or movement becomes irrelevant – he who has them just wins. You drop them all over the place. A real danger is just dropping a hole say 3 months out from a major enemy base and firing missiles for days, all timed to arrive at the same time. Drift in ballisticallly… not a problem so far, but as war production increases you can see a counter is needed…. maybe a detector and a grav field projected from another wormhole as a sweeper. And why not just drop holes in open space as stepping stones.
    And just what is above subspace if its different from hyper?

  8. Doug:
    Just finished Exodus 9 in less than 2 days… I read a lot of space opera but often lose interest after the first 5 or 6 books about when it seems like many authors start to run short on ideas, plots, character development, etc. That is not the case with this work. Wow. That was a great read. My only complaint, as I said months ago, is that I read much faster that you write 😉 But please don’t stop 🙂

    Thank You!

  9. How about a Doolittle style raid on the Cacadasian homeworld? Knock them back on their heels in the wake of getting kicked out of Empire space.

  10. Thank you. Love the story line in empires and can’t wait for book 10. 🙂

    One thing I honestly cant understand is why the warp bubble tech hasn’t been used for stealth missiles and/or planetbusters. You’ve written that the warp screen would collapse if encountering too much matter. Infiltrate a system with a stealth ship. Map the orbit of stationary targets like stations, docks, inustrial complexes and planets. Forward that information by wormhole to a launching ship outside the system. Calculate an intercept course and then launch a group of drones/cruise missiles/stealth missile (or what ever name is chosen). The weapon doesn’t need a warhead, just the basic body, ability to accelerate, create a warp bouble and then point it at target and let it fly. According to the information in the books the weapon should be undetectable since it arrives before the light from it’s launch, you cant track it while warped and as opposed to the fighters it doesnt decelerate and un-warp. The moment it hits anything with sufficient mass to break the warpbouble it transits back to realspace, breaks down to plasma and hits the target with unprecedented kinetic energy. Nothing would be able to withstand a direct hit.

    If Sean is unwilling to target the caca population (there are no noncombatants in caca society except the slaves and females) then we would still be able to wipe out the space based industry (supermetal and antimatter production facilities) in any targeted system. Combine that with the dolittle raid mentioned in a previous raid and you’ll stagger the caca empire and possibly decapitate the empire.

    In the first strike the caca would have no reason to zig-zag so with a well timed time-on-target volley the terrans would wipe out not only the stationary defences that’s been mapped but also, thanks to wormhole communications, most of the caca home fleet. Follow that up with conventional planetary bombardment and you’ll reduce the civilian and military production facilities in the caca home planet to rubble and dust. Even if unwilling to destroy the planet Sean could still hurt the cacas by also targeting logistical nodes, food production, storage and distribution centers. Lets see how the emperor likes to go hungry. Then start targeting other high value systems. Sooner or later the empire would collapse. Lack of raw materials, production capabilities, the cost of transporting materials, food and/or evacuating.

    I do hope Sean has some advisors telling him this. If I can imagine it I’m sure they could as well 🙂

    Looking forward too book 10 🙂

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