5 comments on “My Best Month Ever?

  1. Doug .. Do not sell yourself short re not best writer. There appear to be quite a number of us who find your style captivating enough to come back for more. I personally put you in the same league as Evan Currie and Chris Nuttall. I have not read anything by the third author yet. The cost of recent purchases of new material has gone up on Amazon.ca. I would like to think it was because of the sinking Canadian dollar coupled with a rise in the value of your share not all to Amazon. E books are still the best value. I do not re-read a book so to buy I a paperback and then give it away is expensive. I must retract a part of the last comment, I did re-read Heinlin’s Stranger in a Strange Land with about 35 years between readings. A novel that has never achieved the mainstream success it deserved. As long as you can churn them out we will read them.

  2. Mr. Dandridge , I first found you when I was searching for more space operas to read back in 2013. I found your first Exodus book. Since then I have read all your Exodus books including the spin-offs and love them. I just re-read the whole series in order, all 11 books, in about a month. I personally enjoy the Exodus universe more than any other. I hope it becomes a bigger universe than the Honor Harrington one. I am looking forward to your second machine war book and cannot wait to see where this universe goes.

    I no longer browse the kindle store to find a new book or series to read. I browse the store looking for a new book to keep my occupied while I wait for another of yours to come out. If I was any good at writing you would have inspiried me to write my own book. But alas I am but a Marine and can only break things.

    Thank you for writing these amazing stories. If my friends read books I’d have them all over this. And thats not for lack of trying.

    • Thank you and bless you. I don’t think there’s any such thing as only a Marine. I was an Army ground pounder myself, but was in JROTC in High School with a Marine Colonel, First Sergeant and Gunny, and went on several trips to Quantico. I have all the respect in the world for you Marines and the job you do. And thanks for the compliment. I will try to keep them coming.

  3. Having listened to all 3 of the Exodus audio books, are you planning on continuing to publish in that format too? If so, when? Eagerly waiting for the next one.

    I was wondering if you could share a little bit about that process. Like how many audio book sales do you need to get to cover the cost of production (I’m assuming voice actors don’t come cheap).

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