6 comments on “Exodus: Machine War: Book 2: Bolthole is here.

  1. It’s all good. Love the idea of a
    Second trilogy of the Well series
    For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Refuge books have not done better as it is a fantastic premise well executed. It really would make a great TV mini series or movie franchise. Keep up the good work. Always waiting to see these emails, though I saw this one on FB first. Cheers ,Pete.

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  2. I enjoy both the Empire and the Machine War books. They do not overlap to the point that you have to read both series to see where the story line is. (Unlike another author you mentioned).

    Also the expansion of the Well series sounds great.

    The only thing is that you push enough books out each year to keep us old retired folks in reading material.

    Until you posted this with the link I could not find the book. Amazon is way too slow to update your main book list.

    Thanks so much for your work.

    The refuge books is on my to read list but so are many many others.

  3. LOL. Just remember you can’t satisfy everyone! You’re doing a great job and as a reader I’m enjoying myself and getting value for money… the ultimate voe. Used to read Weber but he’s fallen to the bloat… so far you’ve avoided the trap. Keep up the good work!

  4. What about a missile system with a short range subspace drive for use inside gravity wells?
    The enemy thinks an attack will take place in say 12 hours and the missiles arrive early.. and stealthily..

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