9 comments on “The Start of the Self-published Fifth Year and Plans For The Future.

  1. Doug: I suspect that I share my views with many of your devoted fans. As much as I enjoy the Exodus series I can understand your need to see a conclusion which allows you more freedom to work on other projects. They sound exciting and I am sure will fullfill the readership’s hunger for excellent story lines, excitement, and a sound writing style. If you can successfully negotiate a contract with a publisher that allows you to self publish at the same time then my concern eases. The cost to the reader for you’re books has increased dramatically in the past year, along with other good sci-fi authors. If the cost does not stabilize and continues to escalate many readers will be forced to decide who they can afford to follow. The established author with a suite of stories in the works or a newbie who may not yet have the same smooth, polished style but has created a story that demands you keep reading and whose work may, initially, only be 50% of the cost . Not to say that as you become better and continue to attract new readers you should not make a very comfortable living. That is something that should come with the effort and quality you put forth. But if ebooks approach more than 50% of a paperback’s cost I for one will be forced to decide where to spend what disposable income is available. If the rise in prices is caused by a middleman then I would suggest you consider another outlet, let us know and we will find you.

    • Actually, I haven’t raised the price of my books in two years. They are still $4.99 in America, and will remain at that price for the foreseeable future. Now, if you order from a country that has VAT, then I can do nothing about the added expense.

  2. Doug do not stop because writing the Exodus books I really think they are your mainstay. How many books did David Weber do in the Harrington series? Your series reminds me of his great writing skills!!
    Keep them going and I will keep buying them. I really like the idea of 20 books.

  3. Doug, I really like and enjoy the exodus series. I read the first refuge and may read the rest if another series I’m reading ends, but exodus is where its at for me. I really liked the exploration command spinoff, I’m hoping thats in your tales of the empire category. Can’t wait for the next installment of the exodus empires universe!

  4. Doug,

    I have to say, stumbling upon the Exodus series entire through reading someone else mention it in a blog: one of the best finds reading-wise for me in a long while. I really enjoy the world you have put together, and have snapped up every one of the books in the Exodus Universe.

    While I could read Exodus indefinitely, i like the idea of capping it out at 20; while allowing yourself the latitude to explore in that world with the Tales and Machine War.

    Best of luck in 2016, and best wishes for a speedy recovery on the Bronchitis, go grab yourself some Amoxicillin!

  5. Doug, I’m kind of like an addict waiting for his next ”fix'” in anticipation of your next novels. You are by far my favorite author now, usurping the legendary David Weber.

    I kind of hope you find a why to avoid the total destruction of the Cacas even though, by our standards, they are despicable in every way possible.

    It’s going to take a great deal of ingenuity to carry the Exodus series 11 more books without becoming stale but I’m sure you can do it. Looking forward to Exodus 10 in March; be well and keep them coming.

  6. Doug,
    I realize that I am late to this party but having just finished book 2 of the Machine War I just wanted to stop by and let you know that the Exodus series is still my favorite and Machine War book 2 kept that trend going for me.

    I hope that one day you can find a ship big enough to use the Dreadnought term for. For some reason I love that term and its the one thing I am missing from your books.
    I have yet to read the Tales from the Empire book but that is next on my list.
    I look forward the continuation of the story and am also looking forward to the early days of the Empire.

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