7 comments on “Theocracy is available at Amazon.

  1. Been buying and enjoying your books – love the Empires at War series.
    Just finished the Deep Dark Well.
    Good story, but the storyline makes a classic young author mistake – by setting the story – which I like by the way – after the fall of the Empire, you effectively destroy/undermine your Empire series.
    You take away the mystery of what happens after the Empire stories and in a dystopian fashion.
    The principals of the earlier storyline – all their work and sacrifice – is effectively undermined.
    So they succeed against the Caccassa.. and then so what? It’s all gone and a dark age undermines the accomplishments.
    A better line would be a parallel universe.. and maybe the Empire and Well series could link in some way… and have some interesting hybrids.. keep contact sporadic or difficult.. fits with Sean’s psychic abilities too.. a precog contact from a universe that’s ahead.
    Anyway, like both series, but one does attack the ‘morale’ I suppose of the other.
    Last point and one for all American authors.
    The past tense of spit is spat… So he spat on the sidewalk.
    So a sign might say, no spitting. When a character does spit, the correct word is spat.
    For fit…
    The correct work/tense is not “The key fit the lock’ It’s the Key fitted the lock.
    Anyway, good stories.. but don’t undermine your own universe… readers like hope, not the idea that a characters actions are ultimately futile.

    • Forty thousand years! See the reply from Mike S above. First off, forty thousand years is a good run, and you don’t know all the details of what happened in that time. Young author? Good to know that I’m not actually approaching 60 like a runaway train, LOL.

  2. Just because this story takes place after the ‘great Galactic Empire established by humans’ has fallen, it does not mean that it was the same empire that fought the Cacadassians. Forty Thousand years is a long time. Another human empire might have sprung up. Maybe some of the survivors from New Moscow struck out to escape the war with the Cacas. Could a faction from the New Terran Republic have headed out after the conflict with the Cacadassians? There are many possibilities.

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