3 comments on “Exodus: Tales of the Empire: Book 2: Beasts of the Frontier is here.

  1. Well I loved Theocracy, as I have every book I’ve read by you up until now. I absolutely hated the first story in Beasts of the Frontier. The story was told, first person, by the main character right to end when he was suddenly eaten by the beast that was chasing him. Then the story was told first person by the beast? Are you kidding me? Years ago there was a British show called Blake 7. The main characters were a rebel bunch trying to overthrow an evil regime. I watched this show for years when, in the last episode, the rebels were all cornered and killed. Nothing was changed, nothing was accomplished. I felt watching this show had been a complete waste of time just as I thought this story was a complete waste. You should obviously go where your Muse takes you, but I think the reviews and sales will tell you something about this book. Maybe I’ve given you some insight as to why. I may finish the book and I may not. Right now I’m not sure.

  2. Ok, so I *was* bummed-out that the protagonist in the first story got himself “et”…but it was still entertaining. I very much enjoyed the other stories in the book and loved The Deep, in particular. Having grown up on Godzilla and other such movies, I really enjoyed seeing what is essentially a good old fashioned Movie Monster beatdown set in the future. I’ve re-read that one several times.

    Keep up the good work, Doug, let the muse carry you wherever she may.

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