10 comments on “Exodus: Empires at War: Book 10 is Out.

  1. Really excited to get home and to snag this off of Amazon! The wait between these books is a killer, though I am going back and reading all of your other works. Love them all but as usual this is my favorite series.

    And again, I think you should name a ship class a Dreadnought. I love the term and I know you’ve mentioned it before.

    Best of luck with your tooth, I’ve never had a root canal done but I have heard stories.

  2. The problem with Dreadnought is it was actually the name of a ship, and predates the modern battleship. I know it’s used a lot, as in the Honorverse, and I used it as well, but it didn’t seem right to replace a superbattleship with a Dreadnought.

    • I knew you had your reason and thanks for clarifying. Hope you can come up with another term for when the ships get even bigger.

      I only brought up the dreadnought because I imagine just an absolute giant of a ship with the term.
      Agin best of luck with the dentistry problems. I will be enjoying your book from Pakistan!

  3. Doug: a root canal , done by a skilled dentist, is only painful to the wallet. Hopefully the antibiotics ease the pain but do not procrastinate. Then the dentist can discuss a cap for this expensive tooth.

  4. Outstanding book. Went through it in 2 days due to other commitments. I have enjoyed all of this series as well as the spin off series. Keep up the writing.

  5. Doug, once again a great job! I can imagine ti is tough to keep this up, add inventive plot twists, keep it fresh, etc. But you continue to write very enjoyable books which I keep buying and reading! Keep the faith, love the books and the Universe you have created.

  6. Sorry. I have been very ill and having problems just completing my current projects. Will try to get them up this weekend.

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