18 comments on “Exodus: Empires at War: Book 11 is out, and back to the grind.

  1. Doug. Your books are always awesome. I really appreciate your hard work, and enjoy your books, in whatever configuration they are in!

  2. Really glad you are getting better! Keep up the good work, and I am confident in your ability to keep the excellent series going as required. Your writing is fantastic, you have a life long fan in me.

    • I put out another Deep Dark Well book at the beginning of the year, Theocracy, which was the first of a trilogy. So I have to get more books out. As far as knowing how the series ends, remember, DDW is set forty thousand years in the future, so a lot of things can happen to Sean and the Empire.

      • But if the Caca’s win, they’ll wipe us out so since we are still around and no mention is made of them, I assume it didn’t go well for them. ( And Sean see’s himself looking down on the Caca home planet.)

  3. Relieved to hear you’re feeling much better. I was thinking you would probably have to take some down time. (Which might still be better than a bunch of meds, but that’s your business, not mine). Of course we all know how Empires must end since it’s a prequel to the Deep Dark Well series but getting there has been so much fun. Infamy was so depressing but the promise of an awesome payback in book 12 has me salivating. Any chance of going back to DDW in your future plans?

  4. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! And I bought the new book as soon as I saw it was out. I really do enjoy this series and hope it continues to sell well. While I hope it goes to 20 books I understand it ends when it ends. And at least I can reread them.

    I am also looking forward to your WWII book. I like to read those and can’t wait to see your take.

    Best of luck Doug!

  5. Great to see you back in the saddle, as it were. Been looking forward to this book and I have my Amazon account primed and ready waiting for it. Your timing is impeccable, I am a hour away from finishing my current read.

    BTW, have you any thoughts on the continuation of The Deep Dark Well series?

  6. Dammit sir! I had *plans* for this weekend!

    …and then I saw you just released book 11…

    Ahh well…the yard work will still be there on Monday.

    Glad to hear that the CPAP is helping you sleep soundly, and that you are recovering from sleep debt. I used to design Sleep Lab Monitors, lots of folks feel as if they get their top-gear back once they get back to sleeping. My brother has apnea with an AHI similar to yours: he swears by his machine.

    Ok…time for me to slip over to Amazon.

  7. Thanks Doug for another great read – truly enjoyed Day of Infamy. Good to hear your sleep apnoea is getting better but bloody typical that it takes threats to get the VA system to move.
    Am enjoying the series enormously – don’t finish up too fast and looking forward to the next one!
    Look after yourself.

  8. Doug,

    Love the books and hope you feel better soon. One of the things I like about you Empire series is that it seems to take advantage of the new medium, aka ebooks, so that I like that there are maps that I can zoom in and out of as well as pictures of the ships. Why is it that you seem to be one of the few authors to take advantage of the added benefits of ebooks? For instance, I really like the map and the drawings of the Terran Empire ships. Previously, before the drawings, I had a big misconception of the laser rings, but now that I have seen your drawings, the descriptions in the book makes more sense, hence my enjoyment of your stories.

  9. Doug, I like your novels but it seems that your recent work is only available in kindle and I like reading from an actual physical book. Is there any option to buy these kindle books in paper format?
    Thank you, Barry Bright

    • Actually, every book I’ve written but three are available in paperback through Amazon or Creatspace. I’m a little behind on getting book 11 out in paperback, but I should have it up by Sunday/Monday.

      • Doug, I still do not see a paperback purchase option for book 10 or 11 on Amazon. Do you still plan to issue them in paperback? Thank you, Barry Bright


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