7 comments on “Four More Books Available on Kindle Unlimited.

  1. Doug, I want to say that I think your books on Kindle are perfectly priced and even though I am a prime member, I own all the Exodus books with a few of your other ones as well.
    I recently got a friend to read the first one of the Exodus series and his only complaint was that Amazon charged 14 dollars for the actual paper version. He still got it as its not a terrible price, just not something he was expecting.

    I personally would buy all the books paperback together if and when they come out just to have them and I hope you continue writing long after Exodus concludes.

    Also I want to say that your new Machine war book had me confused at first when the talk of a wormhole explosion came up. But I went back and looked at your dates and found out the discussion came up before the events of Second Front. So very well played there.

  2. Thank you. I plan on writing until the day I die. I don’t have a lot of control over the paperback price, Createspace sets the minimum price, and I normally add in $2 profit, which is less than I make on ebooks. I really can’t compete with major publishers on paperbacks, but I do well on ebooks.

  3. Doug, I have to second the gent that points out your books are quite reasonably priced.

    For the hours of enjoyment I have had visiting your worlds: small price to pay.

    For the folks that gripe: newsflash – you have every right to make the decisions that help you the most in supporting your craft. Besides,. How can we expect more epic tales if you can’t earn a good living?

    Going to buy the new Machine Wars 3 now.

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