2 comments on “My Bibliography of Online Books.

  1. Thanks, love your books.

    One small positive criticism though is that you could improve the quality of the books by getting a good proofreader. The number of errors is higher than you would find in most books. A small incremental effort will give huge benefits, especially for those who enjoy the not only the story, but the quality of the writing as well. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is good, but typos and missing words here and there leave the reader wondering if quality was sacrificed in favor of expediency.

    Then there is that small matter of hanger versus hangar…

    Cheers, keep it up!

    Martin Ottawa, Canada

    On December 29, 2016 7:16:10 PM Doug BrotherofCats Dandridge

    • You are right, though I have to say that many traditionally published books I read have as many or more errors. I thought I had gotten the Hanger/hangar thing under control.

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