4 comments on “My Trip Out West, the Last Chapter.

  1. We stayed at the Luxor last year. It was fun. The elevators go diagonally up, so if you’re standing at the right angle, it feels like you’re going to fall over.

  2. My wife and I visited most of the places you saw back in 2002 with a weeks stay in Las Vegas. I totally agree with you. It was a fantastic trip. What really made me happy though, was your release of Exodus 12; which was a fantastic book. I don’t know if you plan on writing 15 or 20 books in the series but so far, they have all been both innovative and interesting and I’m with you until the end.

  3. Thanks. I’m conducting a poll right now on my Facebook page to see what fans think. I still enjoy the series, but I have so many other ideas I want to work on. And the deal with Arc Manor is set in stone. I’ve signed the contract, I have been provided with one of the best editors ever, and I’m looking forward to that. But that’s only a book a year.

  4. I certainly hope you will write 20 or more books in the series. The invasion and conquest of the Caca empire could be 10 books alone. There is a wealth of new ideas to mine in that empire. Please don’t wrap the series up too early.

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