4 comments on “The Kinship War: My Big Chance, or Where the Rubber Meets to Road: Part 2.

  1. Well I certainly hope you hit that 1 million sales mark as you are, by far, my favorite author. Except for that short story about the dinosaur eating the main character in The Beast” stories, I’ve liked everything you’ve written thus far. I hope you’ll find the time to finish the Exodus series since I’m not getting any younger and that is now on my bucket list.

  2. Thanks you. And I do plan to finish Exodus, since it’s also on my bucket list, and I’m not getting any younger either. As concerns the guy getting eaten in Beasts. The collection was supposed to be about how dangerous the frontier was, and I thought it needed at least one story where the viewpoint character met a messy end.

  3. you seem to be getting a lot of exposure self-publishing. 148,000 books and counting. If you threw the energy you are putting into traditional publishing instead into writing, you might have a few more books out. I, for example, haven’t bought a book at a bookstore in years. I do buy magazines but that is about it. I think traditional publishing is as relevant to fiction as a buggy whip would be to transportation today

  4. Actually, it’s over 200,000. 148,000 was last year. But traditional publishing isn’t completely dead. Baen is still doing well. David Weber, John Ringo and Eric Flint are still selling them by the hundreds of thousands. If I sold as many books in one release as they did, I would be making more than three times what they make, which is the appeal of self publishing. But I don’t sell as many books, I think because not as many people know about me. I plan to keep putting out indie books, but it would be nice to be known to a hundred thousand to a million readers. It might never happen, but it definitely won’t if I don’t try.

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