4 comments on “The Third Trip Out West, Part Fourteen: Day Thirteen: From Moab back to Vegas along I-70 and I-15.

  1. I enjoy reading your travel blogs since I am pretty much homebound. Your books have been a great pleasure to me, especially the Exodous books. I’ve read all of them at least three times and a few others more than that. I really hate to hear the series is coming to an end, but of course that is your choice and all I can do is request you stretch it to three books instead of two. I hope the series has been as profitable to you as it has been enjoyable to your readers. I appreciate good writing, and I think you have mastered your craft. With few exceptions, Tolkien and Martin, I have never been a fantasy or alternate history reader, so I regret to hear my favorite writer is leaving the military sci-fi genre. I wish you good luck and happy travels. Tom Brock

  2. Not completely leaving it, Tom. I have Kinship War coming out, and will be doing another series sometime in the future. But these other ideas are knocking around in my head and they want out.

    • Hello sir! Thank you for the update, and it looks like your trip has been fantastic! Will the remaining 2 or 3 books be in the prime Exodus series or also finishing up the Machine War series? I love both tremendously and will treasure whatever is still to come in both series. You are an amazing author and I appreciate you sharing your creativity with us!

      • Thank you for the kind words. I am envisioning 2-3 books in Empires at War, and 1-2 book in Machine War. The last books really depend on how the story leads up to them.

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