2 comments on “The Third Trip Out West, Part Fifteen: Day Thirteen: Disaster on I-15.

  1. Sorry to hear that happened to you Doug. Get a ride share app on your phone. I’ve found Uber/Lyft drivers in Vegas are more willing to help you out of a jam.

  2. Wow Doug you’ve gained weight, and about caught up with me. Wondered how you are doing after the hotline. Appears fairly well. They fired my best hotline friend. The usual, two bad supers in a row will ruin you there. I managed to escape to good ones afted bad ones. Still waiting for that book on the Hotline after they threatened you for using your leave for open heart surgery! I was so pissed for you I demanded a Union rep be in on our meeting. He was pissed and went to Hank who did his usual lie to both of us to make peace. I like Hank in spite of that. But Hank was gone so my friend was screwed. This is your former unit-mate Dale if your if you have erased all those bad days at the hotline battling Wild Bill from your memory. Bill’s still there, I like his big dog Dodge. Im glad you are making it. After I read the first book of yours I told you you could make money doing this. A big, hearty congrats! My Ruskie wife is into MMA and alraeady won a tourney in Bainbridge and got a 2nd in Atlanta. She may fight in the Civic Center one day. I tell folk I wouldnt want to war against Russian women, lef alone their men. Milla Jovovich does the MMA stuff too, but my wifd could kick her arsz.
    Continued good luck to you Doug.

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