2 comments on “The Monster is Out, and Machine War 5 is Peeking Over the Horizon.

  1. Personally, I really enjoy the Machine Wars books, and like reading other storylines in the worlds of other favorite series such as Empires. What I don’t understand is why do authors just stop writing successful series? Do you just get tired of the characters, or does your imagination cease working, perhaps you get sick of writing about the same thing, or maybe my definition of successful isn’t the same as yours. If it’s a financial matter then of course that’s your business and you need to do what’s best for you, but somehow I have to think the Empires and Machine Wars have been profitable for you. So why are you killing off the goose that lays golden eggs so to speak and eating it for Thanksgiving.
    Why would you resurrect an old book, one passed on by agents and a dubious effort by your own admission, instead of writing more Machine Wars books that have so many obvious unexplored storylines just waiting for you to write.
    Obviously your first duty is to yourself but as a fan who has bought all of the books in these series I’d really like to read more of them. You don’t owe me or the golden goose anything but it’s been a long time since your last release. I’m starting to feel unappreciated and questioning my loyalty.

  2. First off, releasing a book I wrote some time ago takes almost none of my writing time. And if you read my blog, you will have noted that when I read it in September I really like it. As far as success, the books have been decreasing slightiy in readership with each release, so they are no longer all that golden. Then, yes, I am running out of ideas in that universe, but have plenty of other story ideas in other genres. It was a damn strugle writing Machine War 5. Many times I couldn’t bring myself to write on it, and worked on other projects. I’m sorry if you feel like this was aimed at you, but basically I’m burned out on the whole Exodus thing, and need to do something else. I might return to it some day, and still have two or three books in the Empires at War series to do, but after that I need to move on.And to let you know, I have had many books passed on by agents and publishers that have done well, so their approval isn’t really that important.

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