3 comments on “Exodus: Empires at War: Book 17: The Rebirth is out.

  1. I think you have breathed new life into the series, and hope you don’t set an end date or finite number of books. I so look forward to your books and eagerly look forward to the next one. Thank you so much.

  2. I must second Tom, I was about to expect the end of the series soon, maybe already with this book. But your knowledge and clever use of WW2/Guerilla warfare turned this around nicely. The Cacas are not yet beaten. And the action is once more fresh and exciting again. As if you would not already have a very high standard, I never got bored by Empires at War so far. I got two new Maurids in the mean time, somewhat inspired by your feline race one is named Moritz, sounds similar. I greatly enjoy reading your books, thanks for all the fun.

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