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  1. The Exodus: Empires at War Series: Bestselling Military Science Fiction and Space Opera series on Amazon, with most books hitting number one in multiple categories in the UK, and the top five in the US. Over 70,000 copies sold and over 800 reviews in the 4.5 star range average.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 1

    Humanity’s worst nightmare has again come out of the Dark. Can a human race in turmoil survive?
    It’s a Fight to the Finish as Two Interstellar Empires go Toe to Toe.
    When the human race faces extermination at the hands of an expanding species the last survivors travel a thousand years to reestablish the race ten thousands light years away. It is now a thousand years after the birth of the New Terran Empire. The race has aggressively expanded during that time, with a fleet that has never lost a war against an alien species. But the signs are there, the old enemy is back, and the Fleet will face its greatest challenge in a foe fifty times their size.

    Science fiction in the tradition of Anderson and Weber, where the physics of normal and hyperspace dictate the strategy and tactics. Enormous fleets battle across the immensity of space with advanced technologies. Can the proud human Fleet hold off the tide of an advancing enemy, rallying allies and deploying new tech? Or will the conquerors achieve what they could not two thousand years before, and end the existence of the upstarts.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 2

    They are our worst Nightmare. Unfortunately, they do not go away when we open our eyes.
    The Battle continues as two immense Empires fo Toe to Toe, the fate of both species on the line.
    The Saga Continues as the Ca’cadasan menace prepares to assault the New Terran Empire. A menace humankind fled across the Galaxy two thousand years before.

    Humankind has grown complacent, confident in the victories their fleet has won for them through the last thousand years over numerous alien races. But the Ca’cadasan Empire has continued to grow, and now the massive Imperialistic power has found the hated humans. The Emperor knew this was going to happen, but most of Parliament ignored his strident call. And the Prince Sean Lee Ogden Romanov, third in line for the throne, finds himself placed into a position he had never thought would come his way. The fate of the Empire may rest on the abilities of one young man, and his skills at navigating the maze of Imperial politics amidst a war of extermination. Book two of the popular Exodus Series.

    In the tradition of Poul Anderson and David Weber.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 3: The Rising Storm:

    They’re Back, and They want to End us.
    The Ca’cadasan Empire is at the gates, and they mean to destroy the human race. But we will not go quietly into the night.
    The saga continues, as Sean Ogden Lee Romanov finds himself the uncrowned leader of the New Terran Empire. After two thousand years the old enemy has found them, but the humans are no longer the technologically inferior species they once were. A thousand years of Empire has forged a mighty military that has never lost a war. The Ca’cadasans are still slightly ahead in tech, are much larger, and have never failed in a conquest. There is dissension within as Parliament wants to put their own man in charge, and Sean is woefully unprepared for the task that awaits him. Time is running out, and if the Empire and the species are to survive the new man must be installed and humanity must rally behind him. New technologies are on the horizon, the technologies on which the course of the war could turn, for better or worse. War rages across the stars on a Galactic scale. The third book of a series that will span over a century of time and tens of thousands of light years of space.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 4: The Long Fall:

    The Saga Continues, as an Emperor is seated and the threat from the Ca’cadasan Empire grows.
    Sean is back, saved from the grasp of the Ancient Enemy. And the Ancient Enemy is going full bore into the heart of all the human kingdoms.
    The Ca’cadasan Empire has it out for the humans. Their Emperor had ordered the human species exterminated. But the humans got away, at least some of them, and established themselves ten thousand light years away in the Persius Arm. They were given a thousand years to establish themselves, but now the Ancient Enemy has found them, and they are still determined to wipe out over a trillion humans. Those humans are not so inferior in their tech as they were, only a couple of decades behind the Ca’cadasans. And they have the Donut, the enormous space station built around a black hole, a century in the construction. The Donut generates wormholes, the one major adantage of the humans over their enemies. There are other technologies on the horizon that the canny humans hope to gain advantage from. If they can keep their Fleet together long enough in the face of a mighty foe to deploy what they hope are war winning techs. And in the capital of the New Terran Empire plots are still alive. The plots of other governments, and of humans with their own agendas. Old enemies sharpen their knives, determined to catch the humans in disarray, while new allies come in on the human side. Will it be enough? Or will humanity be forced to flee once again.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 5: Ranger:

    No One Is Safe During a War of Extermination. Especially the Civilians.

    Rebecca Goldman was a bright and pretty child, a twelve year old with a loving family. Technology allowed them to live comfortably on the most dangerous planet in the Empire, Azure. And then the Ca’cadasans came, and it was suddenly survival of the fittest out in the wilderness. Losing everything, Rebecca has only herself to depend on in a jungle where everything is an enemy.

    Cornelius Walborski just wanted to killed Cacas. After losing his wife to the aliens on Sestius, he trains to become a Ranger, the augmented warriors of the Imperial Army. He has never seen anything like Azure, but there are Cacas to hunt, and a mission to perform.

    Two unlikely survivors find themselves thrust together, where the man will save the child, and save himself at the same time.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 6: The Day of Battle.

    Sean needs a victory, before Parliament returns a no confidence vote and leaves him a figurehead ruler.
    The Ca’cadasans are almost through with their conquest of Sector IV, and from the there, the heart of the Empire is exposed.
    The Ca’cadasans continue to roll over the New Terran Empire and the New Terran Republic. Hit and run tactics are taking a toll on the enemy, bleeding them, but not enough. Frontier worlds, developing planets, and worse, the industrial powerhouses known as Core Worlds, are falling at an alarming rate, and even the new weapons based on wormhole tech can’t stop them. Risks need to be taken, everything put on the line. Sean must come up with a plan that allows him to take on and defeat the Caca battle fleet. Only then can he buy the time his Empire needs to battle the enemy on even footing, and keep the people without a plan from gaining controi of the Empire. Defeat could spell disaster, but so could inaction. He has even more new weapons to deploy, devices beyond imagination, and the shipyards are working to capacity. Allies are gathering, but so are regional enemies who join the cause of the enormous aliens. And a client species of the Cacas is looking to play both sides to their own benefit, while the Cacas plan on a strike that will take wormhole technology away from the humans, once and for all. The Day of Battle is upon the Empire, and the history of the human species depends on the outcome.

    Exodus: Empires at War: Book 7: Counter Strike.

    Sean and the Empire have fought their way out of the corner. Now it’s time to strike back.
    The Ca’cadasans have been hit hard, but they are not yet out of the fight.
    The ambush worked, to a point. The Cacas took grievous losses, but still retain a powerful force in Imperial Space. And they have sent for the ships they had besieging the New Terran Republic to back them up. The Donut, the enormous station used to generate the wormholes that are the Empire’s major technological edge, is in danger with Cacas aboard, and Imperial troops have been cut off in Fenri space. Despite the setbacks, now is not the time to let up, and the Empire plans a Counter Strike to remove the Cacas from the Empire. The plan is risky, but if it succeeds the fortunes of the war will turn. And if it fails, the Empire will be one step closer to going under.

    ˃˃˃ The saga continues, as massive Empires war with each other across thousands of light years of space.

    The Deep Dark Well Series (The Deep Dark Well, To Well and Back, Deeper and Darker).

    The Deep Dark Well:

    Pandora Latham was just a country girl from Alabama turned Ort Cloud miner. The last thing Pandi expected was to run into a ship from the future on the outskirts of Sol system. Even less expected was that the ship would fall apart while she was inside it, the Universe correcting the paradox. The wormhole in the center of the ship beckoned, and Pandi jumped through, forty thousand years into the future. She arrived on a massive station built around a black hole. Once the center of a Galactic Civilization, the station was used to generate wormhole gates linking the Cosmos. The empty station is a memorial to the civilization that once was.

    One survivor, an immortal being called Watcher, remains, guarding the secrets of the station from those who covet its advanced technology. Watcher, lonely from his self-enforced exile, befriends Pandi. Soon the woman from Alabama discovers that there is more to Watcher than is apparent on the surface. What was Watcher’s part in the fall of civilization? The answer to this question will decide whether Pandora Latham survives in this world, or becomes just one more death to add to the trillions who died before her.

    To Well and Back:

    Pandora Latham is back. It is two years after the events in The Deep Dark Well, and the Nation of Humanity has sent a force to destroy their enemies, the Kingdom of Surya’s, presence in the Supersystem. The Nation has the ships and the plan, and the horrific continuation of the plan, the extermination of all aliens in the systems orbiting the black hole. Pandora puts her own plans on hold for the advancement of the cultures around the systems, and comes to the aid of the Suryans. But she may have taken on more than she can handle, and Watcher must come to her rescue, leaving the Donut, the space station around the hole, for the first time in over a thousand years.
    The pair confront true evil, as only the perversion of a loving religion into a hate filled creed can be. The Nation should have known better than to challenge the pair in their backyard. Now it is time for the Nation of Humanity to pay.

    Deeper and Darker:

    They’ve captured Watcher, and Pandi and the New Galactic Confederation want him back.
    The New Galactic Empire invaded the Supersystem and captured Watcher. Now they are bringing him back to the heart of their Empire to stand trial for his part in the fall of Galactic Civilization. The Immortal Emperor Alphonso Kitticaris sees this as a propaganda coup that will aid him in establishing hegemony over all the peoples of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, his own military is invading system after system, making their inhabitants members of his slave empire against their will.

    But Pandora Latham, the Woman From The Past, is not about to let her man be part of a kangaroo court. The peoples she has rescued from the murderous Nation of Humanity are on her side, and with them she can man some of the ships of the old New Terran Empire, the high tech polity that built and used the Donut to rule all of Galaxy. She’s determined to free Watcher, the most brilliant being in the Galaxy, sidetrack the ambitions of the New Galactic Empire, and free the brainwashed slaves of Kitticaris. She has the technology, he has the numbers, and the issue will soon be resolved. Who will come out on top? The new tyrant that wants to rule all space, or the couple from the Donut who wish freedom for all? The fate of the Galaxy rests on the answer.

    • I absolutely loved this book and was wondering if you intend to write a follow-up novel to this great story. Regards... on said:

      I absolutely loved this book and was wondering if you intend to write a follow-up novel to this great story. Regards…

    • Hey Mr D,
      I love your exodus series so i realy hope you find the time writing exodus 8.
      Exploration command was a nice distraction, but as i am not that much a fan of short storys, i cant wait for your next book. Keep up the good work i will surely keep buying.

      As a site note.
      You might want to check out your amazon profile on amazon.de (http://www.amazon.de/Doug-Dandridge/e/B006S69CTU/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_15?qid=1424106410&sr=1-15).
      I noticed that quitevabfew books are missing. Might get you some more sells if you books are found.

      Greetings from germany

      • Thanks so much for the kind words, Andreas. I loved Germany when I was over there in the Army, and was cheering for them through the World Cup after the US got eliminated. I hope to have another novel out this Friday, Saturday at the latest. It will be another offshoot of the main storyline, but will be a full novel. I hope to get Empires at War going again after that with book 8, and also do books 9 and 10 this year. I just needed to get the chronology right in my head before forging on. Since I have finished moving I think I will be able to get my writing time under control, but I will also be devoting time to trying to get a novel together for submission to Baen. And getting an artist to do some 3D models of my ships, so I can put what I visualize on my covers, and not just some cool looking stock art. As for the profile, I can check into it, but I don’t know how much control I have over it, since the only one I can log into is Amazon.US. But I will ask Amazon about it and see if anything can be done. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Hello Mr. Dandridge

        I have to agree with Andreas. Exploration Command was a nice little appetizer. I just finished Supernova (Can I say ISIS?) and I found it to be a nice main course. Now for desert…..
        I find your writing very enjoyable. You have defined a very believable universe. I appreciate the way that you adhere to the capabilities of the technology that you have defined. Many authors in this genre create ‘loopholes’ to move the story along, saving the ship and maintaining the illusion of human superiority. I hate the loss of life, human or otherwise but there is a reality to it that is refreshing. I also like the learning curve the empire is on. I was taught that when we stop learning we die. This is evident in the series. Humanity is learning and catching up to their foe while the Cacas have believed they are invincible and have begun to suffer for their stagnancy. I did find myself wondering how Sean and the gang are going to handle 2 wars on such distant fronts. A second wormhole production facility would sure come in handy.
        I was looking at the map of the galaxy on your other website and it made me wonder where Sol and Earth were in relation to the Empire. Is the large segment outlined on the right side of the map Ca’cadassian space? How much space had humanity colonized before the Cacas showed up?


      • Thanks, Mike. Looking at the largest of the Galactic maps, you’ll see the word Orion. Actually, somewhat in from that and attached to the Sagittarius Arm is the Orion Sub-arm, which is where Sol is located. Earth had colonized out to about 10-12 light years by the time the Cacas found them.

      • Your reply somehow brought back an image of that map in the first book. The locations of Sol and the Ca’cadassian home world are marked on that map. Thanks.


    • Hey Doug,

      Like many, I’m a big fan of the Empires at War series. In addition to reading the books, I also enjoyed listening to the audiobooks. Will there ever be an audiobook release of Day of Battle and Counter Strike?

  2. The Hunger:

    Hooker, heroin addict, victim, Lucinda lived her life at the mercy of evil men. After her pimp leaves her for dead she is turned by a passing vampire. Satan’s plan for the undead is to spread like a plague, striking at the innocents of the world and turning them toward evil. When Lucinda’s master is destroyed she becomes a free agent. Now she has the power, and she uses it to strike back at the evil men who tormented her in life, while making sure that they do not rise again.
    Crime boss George Padillas is dying of cancer. His money and his power make no difference to the disease. His choices for the afterlife unappealing, Padillas decides that the unlife of a vampire is the best way out. He has a plan, using the priest who is chasing Lucinda as his instrument, to become a free agent vampire.
    Lucinda must avoid the attentions of an FBI agent, a priest, an ancient vampire, and the failed attempt, the one she killed who rose again, in her quest to take down the crime boss of sunny Tampa. While at the same time controlling the vampire Hunger that pushes her toward evil.

  3. Diamonds In The Sand:

    When a perfectly fit scientist falls dead in a closed room of an apparent heart attack, Detective Lieutenant Gary Lariviere is called in to solve the case. Doctor Matheson has been working in the field of nanotechnology, a science that promises great advances, and the potential for great disaster. There are many who would see the scientist fail. Religious fanatics who see the potential for transformation of the human genome as a violation of God’s will. White supremacists angry that a black man of prominence is married to a white woman. International corporations that would like nothing better than to control the secret for themselves. Diamond smuggling crime syndicates with greed in their eyes at the prospect of making diamonds from the sand. And the graduate students who had lived in the shadow of the great man while their own accomplishments were ignored.
    Gary must navigate the shady undercurrents of the sunny Florida retirement city, trying to get at the truth. Obstacles are thrown in his way by powers both legal and illegal as he closes in on the secret. Until he runs into the full potential of the new technology, and the full terrors.

  4. The Scorpion:

    Kestrel McMann had faced the Scorpion before. While a Ranger officer, Kestrel had bearded the terrorist in his lair in the deserts of Sudan. The Scorpion had escaped by uploading his mind to a computer network, leaving behind his corpse as a hollow trophy. McMann moved on to Homeland Security, working for a corrupt government, firm in his convictions that the people needed protection no matter who ruled.
    The Scorpion is back. Cloning people who occupy high level positions and moving the bodies, under the control of his mind, to important targets, the Scorpion is striking back at the Great Satan. Targets of opportunity are hit, people are killed, and the nation once again trembles before the name of the Scorpion. It is up to Kestrel to once again stop the super terrorist, before he springs his final strike, and knocks Western Civilization back into the Stone Age.

  5. Shadows of the Multiverse

    No one knew where the gates came from, the wondrous planet sized globes whose millions of facets led to destinations across the Universe. No one knew what had killed the thousands of civilizations that had once roamed space across the billions of years since the origin point. Whatever it was, it was back, with a vengeance, destroying the intelligences that might challenge its hegemony of multi-dimensional space. It is up to a few humans, endowed with the very powers the creatures’ fear, to save sentient life in the Universe, and end the threat forever.
    Lucille Yamamoto is a warrior, the captain of an Earth Navy battle-cruiser. Howard Turner is a wealthy scientist, physicist turned archeologist, trying to discover the secrets of the ancients. Siobahn Hunsicker is the child of mercenaries, controlling powers she does not understand. Together the three are the only hope for the extant intelligences of the Universe. If they have the time to survive the learning curve and challenge the weavers of reality.

  6. Doppelganger: A Book of Refuge:

    Kurt von Mannerheim had never wanted to become ruler of the Empire that became. He had enough of leadership during the bloodbath that was the Eastern Front in the Second World War. But the Gods of Refuge had prophesized such, and humans had come to the world in their numbers in fulfillment of that prophecy. And so he had become first King, and then Emperor, welding the disparate peoples together into one Empire. He had not wanted to take on the Nazi Empire of Tarakesh, the evil transplanted from his world by the follower of Hitler, Heinrich Stuppleheim. He had seen enough war, and wished to spare his people the evils of even a winning campaign. And then his bride, the Empress Gwenara Elyssisu von Mannerheim, was kidnapped from his Capital like the merest commoner. Now Kurt must ride the trail of war again, if her wishes to save her from a fate worse than death. And her soul from a fate far worse than damnation.
    Kurt must do this alone. But his Immortal friends, Ismael Levine and Paul Mason-Smythe are determined to stand with him, no matter the cost, no matter his wishes. The fate of the free peoples of the world is at stake. To lost will give Heinrich and the Death Gods he serves the advantage they seek. And that advantage will lead the world down a dark path from which there will be no recovery.

  7. Refuge: The Arrival: Book 1

    Refuge is a world of magic. A world where elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, orcs and trolls exist. Where dragons fly and wizards weave mighty magic. A world where all the dreams and nightmares of our planet are real. A world linked to ours through the collective unconscious, from which the archetypes of legend and literature spring to the minds of writers and artists. A world in a different dimension, larger than Earth, with lesser gravity due to the divergence of physical laws. A world linked through hidden gates that allow travel between the dimensions. Darius of the Persians disappeared to this world, as did the demigod Heracles. And at times scouting parties from Refuge have come to this world to observe the humans who drove them away from Earth to this new world.
    Kurt von Mannerheim is an immortal. Wounded on the Russian Front in World War 2, he healed miraculously from his injuries and has not aged over the apparent physical age of thirty years. Kurt has changed his name and faded from the eyes of men, giving up his title and much of his wealth. He does not wish to lead, having felt the heartache of seeing those led die. Ishmael Levine was born several years before Christ, and grew to manhood in the days of Rome. The dreams have shown that something is coming. Something that he and his kind were meant for. He seeks out Kurt on the eve of war in Central Europe, to tell the German of his heritage and his promise.
    The K’Ellysium subcontinent is ruled by an evil empire of Elves, or Ellala as they call themselves. Their ruler is near the end of his long natural life, and it is not enough for his purposes, as the hell of the Death Gods looms. He has chosen to extend his existence as a member of the undead, a Lich wizard who will rule forever. The other elves, humans, halflings and dwarves of the Empire hope for the coming of that which is prophesized, that a mighty warrior people led by a noble of their own will come to Refuge and defeat the powers of darkness, raising the banner of life once again over the lands of evil.
    The nuclear war sparks off in Central Europe and spreads around the globe as old hatreds reignite. The dimensional gates, old and new, open wide, fueled by the energy of atomic explosions, and millions of humans cover their eyes, expecting death, to uncover them onto a world of wonder. The Emperor sees the newcomers as intruders to his realm, and life energy to help him in his quest for immortality. His opponents see them as a fulfillment of the prophecy. And Kurt is seen as the promised King, a noble of his people, who will rid the land of evil. A part he has no wish to play. And the humans have brought many of their weapons with them; tanks, artillery, attack helicopters and even a few nuclear weapons. They don’t have long to use them, as the natural laws of the planet and the will of the Gods will soon overpower the human belief in the science of their home world. So it is tanks against horsemen, artillery against wizards, helicopters against dragons, and nuclear weapons against God powered sorcery, in a battle in which the humans must use it or lose it.
    Refuge is a novel of science and modern warfare against the magical forces of legend. Refuge: The Arrival: Book 1 is out now, with book 2 soon to be out. I plan for this to be a long series, with The Legions: Books 1 and 2 out next year. Science fades as the Earthlings must adapt to the new world with old ways of war and unfamiliar magics. The immortals are an ace in the hole, true demigods, as they lead their German and American soldiers into battle with the forces of the evil empire in fulfillment of the prophecy. I hope that you will join me in this world, and share in the adventures of the German civilians and soldiers, the American allies, the immortals, the other Europeans, and the native peoples of the lands. It is a violent place, and peace does not dwell for long. And an even greater evil, one brought from our world by the second German immortal, waits in the wings.

  8. Only got one question and it is of utmost importance to me. When is book 3 of exodus coming out and could you please crank them out faster……. yea I know arrogant and demanding I understand. But I have never had an overabundance of the virtue of patience. when you rip thu anywhere from 1 to 6 books a day you run out of good authors.

    • I am working on Book 3 right now, up to about ninety thousand words of what I hope will be a 150K novel. Hopefull done with first draft by the end of this month, then put away for a month, then do rewrites. So probably by the end of April or mid-May (I know, you want them faster, but I still have to make it as quality a book as possible). I am quitting my day job either end of March or April, and becoming a full time writer, and will by cranking them out after that, not just Exodus but also Refuge (which you may want ot try, hint hint).

    • Of Course. Hopefully out by mid to late Fall. Working on book 3 of Refuge right now, but already writing Exodus 4 scenes in my mind. The series will go on for many books, like a real long term give and take, back and forth war.

      • #awesome! 🙂 I really love your series and I find that the series is top-notched science fiction. I particularly love the attention to scientific details that really sets this series apart from all the others I have read. Thank you for giving us these stories.

      • I was hoping you we’re focusing on the Exodus Empires at War series:) I love that series!

      • I will be concentrating more on Exodus, but I still can’t just cut off the other series that also have fans, even if they aren’t selling as well as Exodus.

      • Exodus is great the way it can cover such a large area and so many different character plots but it is also its weakness. Have you ever read Jerry Pournelle’s Lucifers Hammer Book? At the beginning of each chapter is a short independent story covering a different area of the world during a comet strike. For instance what happened at the big strike at New Moscow? How about the debate for war in the Capital of the Terran Republic? Side shows of desperate last stands and running withdrawals and people doing anything to escape. I think that could bring a whole new dimension to your book. If some are popular you could even weave them into the main storyline.

  9. I like the Exodus series. Furthermore, it appears to me that the Exodus series easily outsells everything else you create. Being a capitalist, I would think that the marketplace is telling you something.

    • Glad you like it, David, and as said, I will be concentrating more on the Exodus series. But I also have an obligation to finish the other series that all have several thousand fans. The marketplace is not my only concern in this.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I put book 4 to bed last week, where it will sleep for another week. Next week I will start the revisions, and hope to have the book out in mid to late October. I am currently working on book 5, as well as a short story for submission to Kevin J Anderson and a novel submission for Baen books. Hoping this might pay off in the long run. Professionals seemed to be impressed by my sales figures and number and quality of reviews.

    • Same here. Dying to read book four! Still hoping Gorbachev and our new Emperor reunite, and perhaps wed. 🙂 Would also love to see Cornelius get through training and start getting deployed deep inside enemy occupied territory. You have woven so many characters into the series, that there could easily be dozens of spinoffs! 🙂
      Did I mention I love this series?

      • Thanks. Book 4 will be out next month, followed by book 5, subtitled Ranger, about Walborski. Then I will do book 6, which is a continuation of book 4 (kind of confusing, but I wantd Cornelius to have his own book and wanted the chronology to stay kind of in order.

  10. I recently (well a few months ago) acquired an online copy of your refuge series and then became HOOKED. I have read the first two and have gotten the third one of the series, but I also found your empires series and have devoured the first four and just got the 5th book of the series.. I would also like to read your novel called the convoy but cant find it. Keep up the good work and I hope to read more of your series…

    • Thanks, William. You also might want to try The Deep Dark Well and To Well And Back, which is set about forty thousand years in the future after the fall of Galactic Civilization. I will also be putting ouot book 3 of that trilogy, Deeper and Darker, in February or March. Sorry, but The Convoy is not available at this time. It was the first novel I ever wrote, back in 1996. It was very well researched and very poorly dialogued. I decided it would take a total rewrite to make it presentable, though I still like the idea for the series. I have a couple of ideas for alternate history series, but those will have to wait until I have the time for them.

      • I might have asked about this in an previous email, but does the Deep Dark Well take place in the same timeline as the Exodus series? Is the Doughnut in the Well series seems to be the same as the wormhole production station in the Exodus series?
        Keep the books coming, they are very entertaining. The emperor is a great character, someone who I would like to sit down and have a few beers with. The rest of the Exodus cast is very engaging too. Pandora sounds like someone I would have liked to meet about 35 years ago, when I wasn’t quite as broken down as I am now.

      • Thank you. Actually I did link both books into the same timeline, thought they were not originally. I would have to get into my writing history to say why. The Donut in The Deep Dark Well is a different construct in a different supersystem, which will be made clear in later books.

  11. Just finished Exodus: Ranger. I see that there were a couple of negative comments re: the break from Space warfare but it was a can’t-put-it-down read, and proof that it doesn’t matter what the environment you know how to write a riveting story with some excellent characters.

    I can’t wait for more and an ETA on the next in the series would be much appreciated.

    I’m buying The Deep Dark Well tonight and If it’s even 1/2 as good as Exodus I’m sure I will enjoy it immensely.

    Thank you.

    • Working on Book 6 and the 3rd book of The Deep Dark Well trilogy simultaneously. Hopefully both will be out sometime around April or May. After that I intend to do book four in the Refuge series, then two more in Exodus, just like I did last year. And I am really glad that you enjoyed the book. I have received many emails that said the same.

      • Hello Doug

        I finished the 2nd book in the Well last night. Very interesting seeing the Galactic Empire 40K years later. That was a real cliff-hanger, and I’m now wondering how you’re going to pull that bacon out of the fire 😉

        Exodus obviously had a larger cast and that enabled a lot more inter-twining plot lines, which I enjoy as it adds depth to the overall story, but regardless The Well has some very interesting concepts and you DO know how to write a book that I can’ put down.

        I’m sold on you as an author. I’ll buy anything you put out in this genre without a second thought. I’m going to Amazon to D/L Refuge tonight. I have no doubt that I’ll be back in a few weeks begging for another installment on any of the above series…. To that end, My only ‘complaint’ would be that you are not writing them nearly as fast as I’m reading them 😉

        Keep it up chum. I’m a fan for life, and I Thank You for your work.


      • Thanks so much, Ian. I intend to keep writing them. I am only 57, and hope to have at least two decades as a writer. I write them as fast as I can, but I can’t keep up with readers. I will be releasing book 3 of the Well series in a couple of months. Am also plotting out a fantasy I hope to sell to Baen books, but if not, I still have this self publishing thing going.

  12. Good Morning Mr. Dandridge, I hope you are having a good day. Just wondered if the Imagination Unlimited link is broken or gone. I tried it this morning and it went to my ISP’s default not available page.


  13. That’s an interesting subject, Mike. Someone told me yesterday on another blog that they could get to the site. I explored and found that I couldn’t get there from Chrome or IE. After that I did a google search of expired domains, followed the link to Fatcaw, which hosts the site, and found that the domain name had expired in February. I contacted their customer service and was told that since I didn’t respond to a verification email from ICANN (who?), that was sent to an address I no longer have, it was taken down. I contacted both Fatcow and ICANN (in China, so I wonder how that is going to go?) so I could get a verification email sent to an address I can actually receive it at. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  14. Hey Doug, I’m a big fan of your refuge series. My question is why doppelgänger has been written already since it seems to be far in the future when compared to book 3 which was unresolved. I can’t wait for book 4 and on and just wanted to make sure they are in the works. Would also love an ETA on that if you could give it. Keep up the good work

    • Thanks. Doppleganger is kind of an outlier as far as my books go. It was written as a stand alone for submission to publishers just because I loved the idea of this series so much. I have been asked by several people why it sits there as such an incongruous addition to the series. Tell you what. That would make a good blog entry about how things don’t always work out the way we want them to. Look for it coming next week.

  15. I am a voracious reader and just discovered you Exodus series lat week and finished reading book 5 today.I am looking forward to reading your refuge series next. At least until the next Exodus book is out.As far as I am concerned your work is really well done.I can not wait to read more of your work.

    • Thanks you so much. I try to please. I really love the Refuge series, even though it isn’t selling as well as Exodus, and so will not get the number of books per year that Exodus will.

  16. Finished book 5 of the Exodus series, it was AMAZING. When can we expect more of Sean and the rest of our favourite characters?

  17. I’m not complaining….but The Day of Battle ended too soon. Great read but damn, talk about pulling the rug out. I beg you not to make us wait too long for book 7.

  18. Just finished Exodus: Book six… and left hanging — what next? Have not seen a mention of book seven or any other follow-ons…

    • Book 7 should be out by the latter part of August, working on it now. The third book of The Deep Dark Well trilogy, which I had meant to put out in the Winter, will be out by the end of this month.

  19. Just listened to refuge book 1 on Audible and wondered when book 2 would be released. See you just released book 7! When is the rest of the books coming out on Audible? I drive for a living and listen at 3x speed, so tend to blow through an average sized novel everyday, can’t wait to get the rest of the story!

      • Yeah, thought you did. Exodus 1 is doing well enough that I contracted for Exodus 2 to also be made into an audiobook by the same people who produced 1. It normally takes them sixty days to narrate a book, and then it’s out. Unfortunately, we can only do one at a time, and continued interest by the company doing them will only come with sales, but hopefully we can have them done in a year.

      • Glad to hear it! Hope you can keep the same narrator throughout the series. Generally speaking I have found that they get better as the story progresses. First book they seem a bit stiff, but usually by the time book 3 comes round they’ll have the the characters’ personality down pat. Can be rather jarring if they swap mid story.
        Thanks for the great start to the seris and hope you can get others recorded too, I’ll look for them!

  20. I have just finished reading the Refuge books 1-3 for the second time and I really enjoyed the books. It’s very rare that such a mix of genres is really working, but you pulled it of. There’s just something annoying in these books (and to be honestly something which is to be found in many american and to a lesser degree british books): You incorporated a lot of german dialogue in the Refuge books and these parts are really terrible to read for a native speaker. Partly because this kind of language went out of style in the 1920’s: `Nobody would dare to call his girlfriend or wife “Liebchen” and nobody say’s: “Mein Fräulein” or “mein Herr” all the time. In the military calling someone “Fräulein Leutnant” is unthinkable (you don’t use Ms. lieutenant in the U.S. do you?). And partly because of the many mistakes. E.g.: “Deutche Bundesweir = Deutsche Bundeswehr”; “the Volke” requires the nominative = Volk, here the dative form is used. The city of “Wuzburg” is the citiy of “Würzburg”…………

    Nevertheless I’m really looking forward to the next instalment of the Refuge series and I hope you don’t keep us to long waiting. Best wishes from Austria.

    • Thanks. I always love getting comments from around the world. I probably learned most of my German terminology from reading book from prior to WW2 and accounts of the war written by soldiers. Until recently I didn’t know how to add the umlaut, and I guess my spell checker (and my brain) didn’t pick up Wuzburg). I will try to do better in the future. Refuge 4 should be out in two to three weeks.

  21. Hi Doug just wanted to let you know that I love your Exodus and Refuge series of books. I cant get enough of them I think I have read the Exodus series at least 5 time already and it never gets old. The same with the Refuge series. When I first started reading Exodus I saw the Refuge books on Amazon and read the brief desription and thought the books woud be a flop because of trying to mix scifi and fantasy almost never works well, but you managed to pull it off incredibly well. I cant wait for the next Refuge book to come out.
    I also had a question about the Exodus books. In one of them I cant remember off the top of my head right now but the human empire managed to capture some ships that were full of cacada females but there was never any information about them after that. All there is in the books was the cacada males saying they were unsentient and lived very short life spans. Will there be anything in later books with more info on them? Like if they actually are unsetient or if they staarted out equl to the males and just devolved or somthing? One thing I like about your books is the detail you go into about the science and biology of the different planets so it kind of surprised me that you didnt expand on them when the humans captured a bunch of them.
    Anyway great books and cant wait for the next ones to come out.

    • Thanks, Jared. Nope, the females completely slipped my mind. One reason I want to gather my thoughts before proceeding and will be releasing some spinoffs before getting back to the main series. Refuge 4 will also be coming out soon.

  22. Doug, you are a very gifted writer. I really loved the Empire at War series and am anxiously awaiting # 8. In the meantime I will be reading your other books.

  23. Hiya Doug, just like to say I’m very much enjoying your stuff. Just wondering, when will “Refuge” 5 be released?

  24. I highly recommend the Exodus series. Fantastic quality, fantastic writing.. An Awesome piece of work. I’m now exploring your other novels…

  25. Good Morning Sir—
    Just curious, is there any word on book 10 or Bolthole (or several thousand words) 🙂 ?

  26. Hi Mr. Dandridge —

    Please don’t think me impatient but I just looked on Amazon and Bolthole does not appear yet. I will keep looking but I thought you might want to know if it is supposed to be there.

  27. Are the rest of the The Exodus: Empires at War Series going to be available on Audible?

  28. Hello Mr Dandridge

    Long time since you had an update, I hope all is well and that you have time off or are busy writing, any other reasons might mean implications to what you have mentioned in earlier posts, if so take care.

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