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Here you find links to all my available books and stories, in the Exodus and Deep Dark Well Series. If you want my books, they are available on Amazon. I would love for you to buy my books through this link, since then I get a small increase for being an Amazon Associate, though the price will be the same for the purchaser. Thank you.

Exodus: Empires at War.


The Exodus: Empires at War series is my Amazon Bestselling series about two massive empires battling for survival across thousands of light years of space. The humans had killed the heir of the Ca’cadasan Empire on a far colony world. The aliens decide that the humans need to be exterminated, and the human species is on the brink of extinction. The five Exodus ships are sent out, three destroyed, only IV known to have survived. A thousand years through subspace, and the human species is reestablished in system ten thousand light years away in the Perseus arm. Another thousand years pass, and the New Terran Empire establishes itself as the military power in the arm, having never lost a war. But the Ca’cadasans are still out there, and they finally find the humans. Sean Ogden Lee Romanov is the youngest child of the Emperor Augustine, never believing that he would ever ascend to the throne. His father and older brothers are assassinated by a cabal of nobles, and the young officer finds himself in the hot seat, in total control of the Empire at the commencement of its greatest challenge, a war of extermination with a power twenty-five times their size, and still slightly more advanced. The humans have an ace in the hole, the Donut, a massive station in orbit around a black hole, a century in the making, designed to produce wormholes. It will be a long and hard fight, with no guarantees of victory. But extermination is guaranteed if the human fleet loses its first war.

The saga continues. Over 170,000 sales over the Empires at War and Machine War series. Seven books have hit number 1 in one or more genre catagories at Amazon.UK, and many were top 5 at Amazon.US

Exodus: Machine War is a spinoff from the Empires at War series. Centuries prior to the war against the Ca’cadasans the New Terran Empire, humanity had experimented with AI driven war machines. Despite the warnings of other star nations, and the legends of civilizations that had fallen to their own inventions, humanity goes ahead. And gets the revolt every one else had warned of. Two burned out cinders of worlds and billions of deaths later, the machine revolt was put down, but unknown to the organic life forms one had escaped. To set up a new Machine world outside of the Empire., and carry out their prime directive, to kill. Originally that directive had been to kill the enemies of the empire, but it had been corrupted to include all life. The exploring Empire comes upon them, and another war ignites, straining the resources of the human nations already struggling to defeat another enemy. But the mess was made by the humans, and they have the responsibility to clean it up before an entire region of space is rendered lifeless.

Exodus: Tales of the Empire

Tales of the Empire started as an idea about other stories of the New Terran Empire that did not fit into the novels. In some cases, storylines were hinted at in the novels. There will be more of these collections in the future.

The Deep Dark Well Series: Trilogies 1 and 2.

Trilogy 1: An adventure forty thousand years in the making.  Kuiper Belt Miner Pandora Latham jumped through a wormhole to survive an exploding spaceship from the future. And ends up on a huge space station orbiting a black hole. Here she must solve the mystery of the lost human empire, and save the soul of the station’s last inhabitant.

Theocracy: The second trilogy of the Deep Dark Well. In another supersystem two powers have again achieved space travel.  Both are looking for a path to empire, and the way seems to be through a primitive civilization on a moon in orbit around a gas giant. A moon that is approaching the Roche limit and destruction. Here they find a monk with a connection to the old technologies. The two powers wish to use him to gain access to the wonders they seek. He wishes to save his world.