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    • I’m hoping for Fall. Working on the thrid Refuge book right now, because, you know, I actually do have some fans of that series too, if not as much as Exodus. Misplaced 20K words that I have to rewrite. I will be producing a couple of chapters of Exodus 4 for a writer’s workshop, and it has to be submitted by August 1st, then will go on from there to finish. There is an Exodus short story, 10K wor5ds, on my website, and I will be putting out another one every month for free, so you might want to check those out as well. I am very happy that you have an addiction to my books, LOL. Now I need to hook more people.

      • I’m jumping the gun here mate so forgive me. Any idea when Exodus 6 will be out? I absolutely love the series so far and while waiting in the in betweens I’ve read most of your other books. I love the Refuge series and can’t wait for more there too.

      • I am so glad that you like both the series. Right now I am working on book 6 of Exodus and Book 3 of thge Deep Dark Well trilogy. Hoping to release both early Spring. Refuge 4 is tentatively scheduled to be released late Summer, I hope. Exodus is my bread and butter, but I feel obligated to finish the other series as well, which means putting out as good a story as I can.

  1. Thank goodness that you are working on Exodus 4 ! I got quite immersed in the first 3 volumes and have tried guessing how things might develop so look forward to seeing if I am correct.
    And, jumping thousands of years ahead, Pandora Latham has the Galaxy at her feet so I am now following her (and hoping for a happy ending).
    Yes, I am hooked.
    Good luck, best wishes, Dennis (Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK.)

    • Thank you so very much, Dennis. I am so glad you are enjoying both series. The Deep Dark Well Trilogy should be wrapping up in Winter, but aI already have the firt book of the second trilogy written, which looks at some new characters in that Universe. I am very happy to be selling well in the UK, one of my favorite countries.

    • I am 33K words into 4 right now, and am figuring on an October release date. 5, which will be a book focusing on one of the characters introduced in the first 3, and will probably be a 100K word novel, should be out by January.

  2. That’s great you are working on Exodus 4 and 5 will be out sometime in January. So many characters, but I would think the character would be Cornelius, but I can be wrong. Also the short stories where great keep them coming especially Whats eating you. No wonder she left the other universe project.

  3. Love the Exodus books…….like most of your fans, wish you could pump them out faster.
    Purchased the first one, read it in 2 days………got second, ditto………..realized I was hooked/addicted…..got third read that in a day…….now need the fourth asap !!
    Keep up the great work!!

  4. Just finished book four. I stumbled across this series and have been unable to put it down. I was so excited to find a series that doesn’t diminish over its arc. What a great job you have done! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you for the great read.

  5. Just finished reading To Well & Back and went looking for part 3 of the trilogy. Finally found info from last year that you had still to release it. Any ideas on when it will be out? Loving the series so far and the connections to the Exodus series (when will book 6 be out?). I’m showing signs of withdrawal and need a fix, quickly!

    • Working on both books right now at the same time. Deeper and Darker should be out about beginning of March, and Book 6 of Exodus soon after. Glad you are enjoying both series.

  6. Awesome series! Thank you!

    I was randomly browsing Amazon kindle books, when a description text about the exodus series “Science fiction in the tradition of Anderson and Weber” caught my eye.
    Since i am a huge fan of their works, I immediately bought the books 1-5 available at the time in amazon, trusting them to good.. And I am not disappointed!

  7. Book #6 completed, and now i am starving for more!
    Can you tell when will the next books come out?

  8. Well, let’s see. I already started on book 7, but also need to get the sequel to The Deep Dark Well out, since I have been promising it for over a year. Then I have a project for the Wounded Warrior project anthology, and another for Kevin J Anderson’s Five By Five anthology (those will both be Exodus stories). Add to that, I am trying to develop a military science fiction novel set on Mars for Baen, and I’m still hoping for a July release for the next Exodus Book.

  9. Hi Doug,
    I was wondering if you could give a noob author some advice. I’ve recently started writing after putting the notes I’ve been making for years into some sort of format. What are your views on self publishing?

  10. Dude you are awesome! 3 great books this year (not counting Refuge or any others you may have written). 2 Exodus and a Deep Dark Well. All outstanding! I posted a 5 star on Amazon for each Exodus. Deeper and Darker was 5 also, I just didn’t get around to posting yet. Exodus 9 this year I hope.

  11. Doug, I have been reading your Exodus: Empires at war series. I saw some text where you had to explain Novel #5, Ranger. I just finished Ranger. (Mistakenly read it before I finished book 4) I loved the book and really liked getting to know Cornelius. I think you should continue your plans for this boy as you wrote in the forward. We want to read more about soon to be Officer material Walborski!

  12. both my brother and myself have followed exodus and bought the books from the first one. I twould personally like to see a book about the war based on a waterworld. A water ranger book with the
    enemy having to deal with submarine launched missiles. Keep up the good work.

  13. Sir I had to find you and say thank you, just finished Exodus Book 8 and you have left me hanging! so not fair Lol.

    I started from book 1 again so I could catch up and enjoyed reading them again immensely, please keep up the good work and I would be really interested to know more about the science and how you put this all together.

    I imagine reams of post-it notes linking all this up on a large wall with maps & names not sure how you keep it all in place.

    Best of luck to you and thank you for letting me escape sometimes from the shocking real world we inhabit.

  14. Just read Cartwright’s Cavaliers (loved it) and I get it. Multiple books by different authors writing about a Universe in which mercenary companies are hired to settle military disputes in lieu of local military. I can’t say I buy into this premise but the first book was excellent. I’m looking forward to reading your contribution to the series—–and Exodus 12, by the way. 🙂

  15. Hi Mr D … been a huge fan since I discovered your writings. Bought pretty much everything you’ve written over the years. One I bought but missed reading was “We are Death, come for You”. Just read it …totally awesome (as is all of your stuff)…and wondered, any plans to extend this to a series. Plenty of scope to do so and I would love to carry on reading about the strike back and more…


    Lee Dickinson

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